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If you enjoy creating your own music, DJ ProDecks is a free, and extremely complete, software for you to mix and scratch different tracks on turntables just like a DJ as it is designed to comply with their requirements.

DJ ProDecks stands out by how simple it is to mix music on, with an intuitive, flexible, and easy to use interface. The two turntables on which the tracks are reproduced, equalized, and looped are found on the top, while on the bottom you find a library that includes a useful search engine to save time when searching for songs.

Plus, the program includes an individual effects console and another three loop console for each turntable. DJ ProDecks also comes with other advances functions, such as automatic detection of BPM, scratch or ASIO support.

Finally, DJ ProDecks gains direct access to the software's websites, such as its youtube channel (on which you can enjoy video-tutorials on how to use it), or the products' profile on different social networks so that you can add comments and make suggestions.

Supports MP3, MP2, MP1, WAV, OGG, AIFF, WMA, FLA and AAC formats.

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